For those of you who don’t know, our CEO, Nick Kaptain, is an avid football fan and semi competent fantasy football wannabe. As a result, the entire staff is dragged into a mandatory Adlava Fantasy Football league every year. This year, we’ll be chronicling the matchups in detail. You can follow along here or on our YouTube channel

Adlava Fantasy Football Championship: Justin vs. Kiyo

Winner: Justin

Championship summary:

Week 6: Eugene vs. Kiyo

Winner: Kiyo

Summery of Week 6:


Week 4: T.J. vs. Trish

Winner: T.J.

Summary of Week 4:


Week 3: Kevin vs. Nick

Winner: Nick

Some footage provided via nfl.com

Summary of Week 3:


Week 2: Trish vs. Justin

Winner: Justin

Summary of Week 2:


Week 1: Nick vs. Amanda

Winner: Amanda

Summary of Week One:



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